Monday, August 31, 2009

cinnamon lies-finished and renamed

so i finished it. my brother had a guitar part he could never quite put lyrics to. i sang him the start to the song i couldn't finish and in an hour we had this piece hammered out. it is special to both of us. and very personal. he really pushed me to be honest about my pain and it brought closure and bravery to a situation that previously had none. that fact is reflected in the last verse. he sings a beautiful harmony on both the chorus and bridge. we should be performing it live along with the other music our group has been working on very soon. recording in two weeks. eeep.

your liver and i

sometimes your lips taste like cinnamon
sometimes they taste like lies
don't tell me that there's no way around this
cause i've seen your insides and i won't settle

oh he(she) looks at me
oh he(she) looks at me

sometimes the bottle gets the best of you
and the devil he is nipping at your toes
but i've never heard a sound ring so true
than when your fingers strike those ivory keys

oh he(she) looks at me
oh he(she) looks at me

i think (i think) your liver and i feel the same
you've put us both (put us both) through so much pain
so go ahead (go ahead) drink your days away
there's got to be (got to be) another way

sometimes i can't make sense of the hold you got on me
and i've always wanted to keep that in
but someone we both know drug it out of me
and now its on the table not the bottom of the sea

oh he(she) looks at me
oh he(she) looks at me

sometimes your eyes burn holes in mine
maybe there's no way around it this time