Saturday, April 25, 2009


i could live happily with your hands in my hair.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

as green as

the shoes on her feet
won't carry her
as far as
the illusions of
the life she lived before
she is the same in theory
opposite in action
it feels like a dream
or a deja vu of fear
from swing sets on
she made promises
she couldn't keep and
now that they're broken
she can't likely take
a step in the right
wrong direction while
investing in such
a ludicrous fare
and when the sun rises
and the birds begin
to sing aloud her song
she can't help but
sleep and shake her head
at the difference in her heart

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

stranger things

pebbled steps
the sweet smell of
an unidentifiable plant
wooden boards
creek under our feet
as our laughter
onto the streets
and the people below
as tall as your knees
spotted cats make their escape
iron clad backyards
and beautiful people
with tangles in their hair
and in their hearts
new music
on shiny discs
handwritten friendship
and time spent
on ancient flowers

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

covered wagons

is there a word to describe the sound it makes against metal?



does not adequately explain the sound
the tap of the cigarette against the rim
the beating of my heart against your tin
feelings are against your pride

and is there a word for the invisible force?
or the sound it makes against flesh?


most definately not.

maybe it's like magnets. or the pull of the moon.


as much as i love them. i've given up on finding the words.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

the happiness equation

an adorable apartment in a three story victiorian + a garden + a bicycle + public transportation + two of the most badass roommates a girl could ask for + a plethora of new possibilites


me moving to alameda in two months and one day!!!!!!! san francisco bay area, late nights, good laughs, great new friends, thai food, and independence here i come!!

life is good. and when you're not looking. and when you're least expecting it to. it comes together. the things that make me happy may seem simple. but maybe i am a simple girl after all...

Monday, April 06, 2009

this flower won't wilt

for reals.

the air is warm tonight. fresh cut flowers in my hair. moonlight knives slice through the trees. i laugh at the bruises on my legs as i undress. evidence of my newly amplified clumsiness. i don't feel lonely as i light my candles. or turn back the covers. i don't feel lonely when i brush my teeth. or tune the radio to my favourite classical station. i don't feel lonely sitting on my bed writing this. or even when i think of you. that's not to say i do not miss you. and that is not to say that i am not fighting myself. every. step. of the way. my stubborn nature won't let me. let you. go. but. perhaps. for now. this few and far between. is for the best.

at least let me be your friend.