Friday, July 16, 2010


and a banjo!

just a list of wishes

1. wurlitzer piano (preferably a portable one)
2. harmonica(s)
3. guitar (eventually)
4. many more notebooks (hell i'll settle for scraps of paper)
5. a dinner triangle (i'm not really sure why yet)
6. a nose harp would be fun if i had any idea how to work one (oh wait they have instructional videos on youtube...yep definitely want one! the guy that sold me had one rubber-banded to his face so he could play the ukulele at the same time)
7. any random form of percussion instruments. i'm going to start investigating thrift stores for options.
8. and some simple recording equipment (when i can afford it)

i've got songs pouring out of me into a tiny notebook that may explode if i don't just get to it. if i'm going to make music i'm going to have to start doing it myself. everyone is following their paths to different places and not that we won't continue to make music together when time and space allow, but these are my songs. and i'm ready to sing them.

here are two from yesterday(mostly unfinished...go figure)


waitin' too long
waitin' too long
you had me waitin' too long

i have a million tumbling
words for you some soft
some jagged as a rock

i have a thousand tiny
bruises on my skin
when i fell for you
i could not stop


take flight little bird
i won't ask why
the moss grows thick
on the dark side

please hold dear
the things we learned
through tears and smile
for me when good times
come to mind

i won't forget
i won't forget

no blame for the things unsaid
and for years to come the
norfolk island pine will whisper
keeping secrets better than ourselves

so long
so long
so long, little bird

this guy...

i'm excited.

i will however miss being able to do this everyday...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

whirlwind once more

i'm going to make a life for myself among the trees. and the stars. and the birds. partially by choice and partially because i have none. i am overwhelmed. with fear. with excitement. with an incredible sense of gratitude and helplessness. humility and growing up are not lessons that come without strife. but there is joy too. and i'm just trying to breath and pack and fall in love all at the same time. so many changes. so many unexpected gifts in the midst. music, as always, is my solace. so this is for you. at night when there is nothing left to do but wait, harmonies like this make it easier to lay my burdens down.

the civil wars

Dance Me To The End Of Love

John Paul White | MySpace Music Videos

dance me to Your beauty.