Thursday, October 15, 2009

oh and...

thanks to two of my loveliest friends on the planet, who happen to be married, i had my hand at rekindling the creativity i've been hard pressed to muster and got a great new pair of boots in the process.

photographic evidence:

camel 99's

it makes me sad to think i left this much time unaccounted for with words. it has been hard to find them. my life has in many ways been a whirlwind these past months and i am just now beginning to have the energy to come back to center. i don't have much to say to convey the chaos. or the joy. or the heartbreak. but i am willing to make decisions, however hard, to rebuild a life in which i am comfortable creating and dreaming and growing again. i've made nice with some beautiful new people who like having me around. i have my 'baby' brothers with me once again and am enjoying watching them become men. good men. and have also come to understand that people you love will sometimes do ugly things and it doesn't mean you have stop loving them. just maybe stop living with them. i've spent the majority of the last couple years feeling as though i am on the verge of something big. and as the pieces slowly start to shift and take shape in the corners of my puzzle-life i am feeling excited again. i'm closer to the edge than i was before and as long as i stay brave i think the things i am passionate about doing with my time here will come to be. and soon.

i'm thinking on a lot. and trying to keep my boots light.