Wednesday, September 21, 2011

old oak tree

sometimes i wish i was a tree. my hair and arms would be the branches and they would keep me cool catching breezes that float through the canyon on hot days. my body would be the trunk and it's scars and bulges would be seen as beautiful and strong because of the stories they hold and the secrets they've kept. my feet would be the roots. always in the earth. firmly. toes wiggling in the mud soaking up the first rain of summer. and i would see it all. the squirrels and birds and bugs and lightning and i would hear it all. and feel it all. and i could just be.


dogimo said...

Holy wow. Where have I been while all this has been happening?

I love this piece, Cmm.

I need to go back, catch up!

dogimo said...

You know, that's a dumb comment to leave on a post five months old. Sorry about that! The whole blog design was so completely redone I lost my bearings. I guess I really haven't been here in a while.

Anyway, hope you're out enjoying life! That's the important stuff.